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Every Stranger Has a Story.

K.C Corcoran(C.Thomas Howell) wrote his one and only novel over ten years ago...and it bombed. The intervening years have seen K.C go through a downward spiral drinking, gambling, and missed opportunities, until finally, the onee bright spot in his lost life, his hot girlfriend Becky, kicks him out to fend for himself.

Desperate, K.C. takes over a remote mountain cabin--sight unseen-- in order to find redemption through the writing of a new book. The small town locals, however, have something else in mind. Soon K.C finds himself pulled into a web of lust and violence from the angry and frustrated "fringe-dwellers."

C. THOMAS HOWELL: The Outsiders, The Hitcher, Red Dawn

GEOFFREY LEWIS: Golden Globe Nominee. Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, Any Which Way But Loose, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

KIM DARBY: Golden Globe and Emmy Nominated Actress. True Grit, Better Off Dead

DUANE WHITAKER: Pulp Fiction, Project Greenlight's Feast

Music By DAVID BAERWALD: Golden Globe Nominee For Moulin Rouge

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Dead Letters starring C.Thomas Howell
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